Flatbed Towing

Why flatbed towing?

We understand that your car is like family and should be treated as such. Not only is it family, but it is also a major investment. You don’t want it treated just any kind of way. We offer flatbed towing by request. This allows for your car to be towed fully off of the ground and significantly decreases the risk of damage to your vehicle.

Our Flatbed tow truck is a heavy-duty truck built for carrying heavy loads, such as automobiles or machinery, from one place to another in case of breakdowns or collisions. The rear of the truck is attached with a bed that can be hydraulically inclined and moved to ground level, allowing the vehicle to be placed on the bed at its own power or enables it to be pulled by a winch.

Patriot Towing services the following areas

Crystal Lake
Fox Lake
Island Lake
Round Lake
Spring Grove